10 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Brewing Coffee


If you are already fully committed to this drink, these tips may not be spectacular, but if you want to learn to improve your experience with coffee, these tips will help you a lot.

It is that when we buy and make coffees we make mistakes out of habit rather than personal belief. Who didn’t enjoy a sugar-laden instant coffee every morning before school? Or you still don’t know which coffee maker is right for you?

Read these mistakes we make with coffee and advice on what you should be doing and get rid of your doubts.

Buy coffee in large stores

Going to the supermarket and buying a packet of type of coffee is the most common procedure. However, it is strongly discouraged. “In large supermarkets, coffee is usually of poor quality, has been bottled for a long time and roasting has no type of control. It is much better to go to coffee shops or specialized stores where they sell it for domestic use,” explains Blanco.

Buy it already ground

From the moment the coffee is ground, it begins to lose properties because it begins to oxidize. “The best thing is to buy it in grain and with the help of a grinder grind it before consuming it. If you don’t have the machine at home, it is better than in a specialized store, saying what type of coffee maker you are going to use to prepare it. they grind instantly to acquire it so that it loses the least possible aroma and flavor “, affirms the barista.

Not looking at the type of roast

When we talk about roasts we find natural and roasted (this is obtained when sugar is added during toasting). ” Natural is always better and, if possible, 100% Arabica. It is a way to ensure that it does not have additives and that its quality is optimal. It has even less caffeine. Roasting is even prohibited in many countries and we should not consume it”, he asserts.

Prepare it with tap water

“Once we have bought it when making it, it is better to do it with bottled water, since its composition affects the flavor. In the south or the east, the water is very hard, and in Galicia too soft. It lacks minerals so that the coffee tastes good. That is why we always recommend mineral water in its preparation “, explains Blanco.

Keep it in the wrong place

Putting the pot with the coffee on top of the kitchen hood or not closing it conveniently are some of the mistakes we make with storage. ” Keeping it in a cool and dry place is essential and also removing the air from the coffee bag after removing a few beans and closing it as tightly as possible. It is the only way that it does not rust and maintains the properties.”

Burn the coffee

Burn the coffee

You have an Italian coffee maker at home. You fill it up and put it on the fire: bad, very bad. ” The water that is put in the coffee maker must be hot, about to boil so that the grain does not overheat. If we put it coldly until it starts to boil the coffee burns little by little and takes on burnt nuances that they are not pleasant in the mouth, ” says the expert.

Don’t try it before adding sugar

If you taste the food before adding more or less salt, why not do it with the coffee? ” The idea is not to put any sugar in it. But there are many people who find it difficult and in the end, they have to like it. If it is taken with sugar it is better to reduce the amount little by little to make it taste the natural product. In any case, what is essential is to taste the coffee before adding anything to it because each variety has different shades and you cannot treat them all the same “, says the owner of ‘The Coffee Land’.

Leave the coffee made in the coffee maker

Making coffee first thing in the morning and consuming it throughout the day, or over several days, is convenient but not good. “In general, we tend to buy a standard-size coffee maker instead of a coffee maker with hot water dispenser if only one person drinks coffee at home. Coffee must be made at the time of consumption because it does not lose properties and flavor. The first cup will not give you it will taste like the last one ”.

Reheat it

Forget this. “Reheating the coffee totally breaks its flavor, burns, or even enhances unpleasant flavors. Reheating it changes the pH of the water and it tastes rancid,” explains the barista.

Not cleaning the coffee machine well

Coffee is a very dirty product that, if not cleaned properly, can clog the coffee maker. “Washing it well is essential, even if it is only used with water or a damp cloth. If we leave the sediment overnight the bacteria can proliferate and give your coffee a bad taste and also, we will damage the mechanism of the machine”.

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