7 Habits That Can Harm Your Fertility


Infertility has become a major concern these days. One out of seven couples faces difficulty conceiving a baby. Whether it’s a man or a woman, both are equally experiencing this problem. There is no sole cause of infertility; unhealthy eating habits, poor lifestyle, genetic disorders are some major reasons for being infertile. Although controlling genetic- defects are not in your hand, you can switch to healthy lifestyle habits to improve your fertility.

If you have been trying to get pregnant for a very long time but fail to get positive results, it’s time to give up the bad lifestyle habits and get the best infertility treatment. Changing the day-to-day habits may sound like nothing but have a great impact on your overall health. Poor lifestyle choices have myriad of hidden consequences and have adverse effects on your reproductive system. It decreases the male sperm count and disturbs the mensuration cycle of females. Daily exercise, optimal weight, balanced nutritional diet, etc., are the panacea to boost the chances of conception. On the other hand, alcoholism, processed food, and increasing age can ruin your fertility too.

You should try to  quit the following habits to achieve your goal of being a parent.

Excess Sleep

Yes, optimal rest is indeed vital for getting pregnant as it escalates fertility-related hormones. However, excessive sleep (more than 9 hours) is also not good for male as well as female fertility. Researchers have found that too much sleep increases the production of anti-sperm antibodies and weakens male sperm cells. Not just that, it also gives rise to many heart-related diseases and diabetes. Excessive sleep makes the individual obese and thereby reduces the chances of conception.

Caffeine Addiction

Caffeine addiction is another cause of developing infertility in couples. If you take more than 1 to 2 cups of coffee or tea in a day, you might be facing an infertility problem in the future. According to the experts, people who consume more than 300 milligrams of caffeine in a day often face difficulties in conceiving and need to visit the IVF center. You must reduce your daily consumption of caffeine to increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

Chain Smoking

If you are serious about having a baby, then you have to quit smoking. Smoking is hazardous for fertility, it slowly devastates the fallopian tubes of women and degrades the sperm quality of males. Besides this, it increases the chances of miscarriages and early menopause. Stop smoking today to overcome the infertility issues.


Alcoholism is the biggest roadblock in the journey of pregnancy. The excessive intake of alcohol reduces testosterone levels and increases the estrogen levels in males. This ultimately boosts infertility levels. Also, too much alcohol consumption reduces the steroid hormones in females and affects their periods.

Overeating & Junk Foods

Binge eating and junk foods are not good for fertility at all. It can lead to obesity in a short period and accelerate infertility issues. Moreover, processed foods elevate blood sugar levels and insulin, which induce pregnancy complications. Try to include natural and healthy food in your meal instead of unhealthy pizzas and burgers.

Excessive Work Out

Regular workout and exercise are essential for maintaining a healthy weight and relieving stress. And these ultimately boost the fertility of both males and females. But, it is vital to go with moderate exercise because a heavy workout negatively affects your fertility. That’s the reason why athletes often suffer from infertility issues. Do not exercise more than an hour a day.

Unprotected Sex

Many people have unprotected sex with multiple partners to satisfy their libido. But, you might not be aware of its harmful consequences. Unsafe sex can result in sexually transmitted diseases (STD), which is another significant cause of infertility. The STD can block the fallopian tubes of the females and can cause infection in the reproductive system.

The Bottom Line -:

The above lifestyle changes will surely help you and your partner in conception.

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