Best home remedies for sore throat

sore throat

Sore throat is quite unpleasant and painful. It often leads to an irritated throat and itching. A sore throat causes difficulty in swallowing and speaking. Although, it gets normal with time. You don’t necessarily need a doctor for the treatment. You may also find trouble sleeping. Fortunately, we have amazing ingredients in our kitchen, which help in soothing the throat. The home remedies for sore throat are useful and beneficial.

Here are the 10 best home remedies for sore throat:-


Honey is excellent for cough and sore throat. You can either use it to mix with tea or taking its own. According to a study, it is more effective than the other cough suppressants. Honey is also a good wound healer, which treats the infection in the throat and speeds up the healing.


Salt in a glass of lukewarm water is perfect for the gargling. It breaks down the secretions and kills the bacteria causing soreness. Pour a tablespoonful of salt into one glass of lukewarm water. Gargle with this every three hours. Your inflammation will be reduced and your throat will be cleanout.


Teas and some herbal unite helps in relieving the pain and inflammation in the throat, being a good anti-inflammatory ingredient. However, drinking fluids will keep your throat moist and prevent dehydration. Tea being a warm fluid provides both, moisture and warmth.


Yes, like lemon it also helps in breaking down the mucus, and being a good source of vitamin c, it improves immunity. By fighting with the infection, it provides relief in pain.

Essential oils

You can use few essential oils such as peppermint oil, nutmeg, cypress, and Bermagot oils for quick relief. Put 7 drops of the oil into boiling water and take the steam of that water, by covering your head with a towel.

Close your eyes to prevent eye irritation. These oils have

anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which soothe the throat.

Gargle with baking soda

Just like gargling with salt water, a baking soda gargle is also a good option. Gargling with baking soda kills bacteria, yeast, and fungi growth.

Take one glass of warm water, pour one-fourth of baking soda, and about ⅛ of salt. Gently swish it for some time and throw it out.


Cinnamon is a widely used sweet spice, which contains lots of

anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties. It is available in all grocery stores and said to be the Chinese traditional remedy for sore throat. You can take it by mixing it with black tea or in almond milk.

Chicken soup

Chicken soup is also an excellent natural home remedy for sore throat. It is a comfort food during throat illness. The person gets enough fluids and other nutrients through chicken soup. Adding garlic to the soup increases its benefits. As garlic is also a very good anti-bacterial agent.

Marshmallow root

Marshmallow root has a substance that soothes the sore throat. For consuming marshmallow root, mix some of the roots into a glass of boiling water. Have it 2-3 times a day, for relieving the pain.

Though, diabetic patients should take the doctor’s advice before having the tea.

Apple cider vinegar

Being acidic in nature, it has many benefits. Studies have shown that it has antimicrobial properties, which help in fighting throat infections. Its acidic nature helps in breaking the mucus and inhibiting the infection from spreading.

If you have a sore throat, mix one to two tablespoonful of apple cider vinegar into a glass of water. Use the diluted solution for gargle. Repeat the process one to two times an hour. Always drink plenty of water between the gargle sessions.

The use of ACV is depended upon the severity of the infection and sensitivity of the body towards ACV.


Herbal lozenges are soothing to the throat. They heal the throat by providing hydration and comfort. You can also use homemade lozenges. Slippery elm is one of those examples. It provides a soothing coat to the throat.

Drink plenty of fluids

Drinking enough fluids and beverages will keep your throat moist and hydrated throughout the day. Thus, drink enough water, tea infusion, soups, and many others.

You can also drink lukewarm water, so as to calm the pain and discomfort. For more effect add a pinch of salt to the warm water.


Home remedies are quite useful and prevent us from taking medicines. However, in certain cases medicines become necessary. Bu the early symptoms can be treatable by the simple home remedies. Honey, lemon, and saltwater work as good anti-inflammatory agents. Licorice, marshmallow, and slippery elm are good in soothing. Apple cider vinegar, being acidic helps in breaking off the mucus in the throat and relieving the pain. Peppermint has cooling and soothing effects, which is usually consumed by diluting it with some carrier oil. Garlic is also easy to get ingredient to treat sore throat.

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