Brushing Your Teeth with Baking Soda

Baking Soda

In any household, you can easily find baking soda. You can use it for various purposes like these eliminate bad smells and also help in unclogging, cleaning and baking. For treating sickness and nausea we can use it. A number of household problems can be resolved by using it. You can purchase it at affordable prices as it is cheap. Many people believe that they can brush and clean their teeth by using baking soda without any problem and it will not harm them. A number of toothpaste also contain this. Now a question arises: Is it really safe to use baking soda for brushing teeth? I will tell you in detail.

Your teeth can get damaged with increased use of baking soda. For understanding this we need to get complete information about this product. It is basically a white powder and is also known as sodium bicarbonate. Its nature is alkaline. It can oxidize tooth stains as it has very strong bleaching features. For tooth whitening also you can use it. However, it cannot replace toothpaste. If you will overuse it then it will not be good for your oral health.

Advantages of using baking soda

It maintains good pH level in your mouth, prevents bad breath and whitens your teeth.

  • Maintains good pH level in your mouth – Candida and thrush are the bacterium which can be easily developed in your mouth. So, it is necessary to take proper care of your teeth and gums. You have to prevent these from overgrowing because if this happens then fighting them can be very difficult. In your mouth, balancing the acid levels is possible if you use baking soda. It also helps in maintaining good oral pH. Tooth decay and demineralization can occur in your mouth if its pH level gets lowered down. In this situation using baking soda will be a good idea. You can avoid all the above-mentioned issues by using this as its pH is 8.3 which is very good for your mouth.
  • Prevents bad breath – Bad breath can occur in your mouth because of leftovers of food if after drinking and eating something you don’t do brushing immediately. In order to remove the bad breath from your mouth, balancing the acidic residues is necessary and for this baking soda can help a lot because its nature is alkaline. It will be good to use baking soda to clean your teeth.
  • Helps in tooth whitening – Because of our lifestyle and diet, discoloration in teeth can occur very easily. Our teeth can get discolored because of smoking cigarettes, tea, coffee, wine and sugary food. Now, for whitening the enamel and removing the stains baking soda can help you a lot. So, always brush your mouth by using this. It is easily available and cheap also.

Disadvantages of using baking soda

There are some risks associated if you will do brushing by using baking soda.

  • Its composition is abrasive – It is a very good cleaner because its composition is abrasive. But don’t do vigorous brushing. Use it moderately. Your oral health can have a negative impact if you brush too hard like your enamel can get worn out and cavities can occur because of this. Also, it tastes very bad.
  • It doesn’t remove cavities – In spite of having a large number of properties, it cannot replace the toothpaste. It is because fluoride is not present in it. For supporting your oral health to some extent, it provides help like it removes some of the plaque, helps you in getting rid of bad breath and whitens your teeth. But a fluoride toothpaste is a must for strengthening your teeth, preventing cavities and removing plaque.
  • Its overuse is not safe – You need to be careful and cautious when using this for your mouth. Your oral health can have a negative impact if you will overuse it. In case of a doubt, you should consult a dentist and ask him about how to use it for your mouth. He will tell you in detail how to use it and in what amount.

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