Everything You Need To Know About Suver Haze Strain

Suver Haze Strain

The diverse climate of Oregon State is ideal for many species of flora and fauna. In addition to many other astounding produces, Hemp Flower grows in Southern Oregon which is used to extract Suver Haze strain.

It wasn’t easy to create this amazing strain for path breeders. This special strain uses two strains, a male strain called Neville’s Haze and a female strain called Krishna’s Special Sauce. For the perfect outcome breeders looked for the phenotype with accurate characteristics. The result was Suver 8 which was again bred with ERB to get the desired strain.

The experts’ rate this strain as Sativa dominant with low THC percentage and high CBD percentage.

Genetics of Suver Haze Strain

Suver Haze is an interesting strain of hemp flower that comes with intriguing genetics. This strain originally came from the southern area of Oregon. This Sativa-dominant hybrid strain has been created from another strain, Neville’s Haze.

The breeders wanted the industrial hemp flower to have a high percentage of CBD. At the same time, higher yields and mold resistance was also desired. All these desired required precise breeding and therefore the result hemp flower has some special characteristics like it contains 17.5% CBD averagely.

It also contains terpene profile of β-Caryophyllene, Farnesene and β-Myrcene. Anyone for a like for Krishna’s Special Sauce will like this strain too. Suver Haze looks like Krishna Special Sauce and has similar genetics as well.

Suver Haze Profile

Firstly no words would do justice describing the unique flavor of this hemp. The profile of Suver Haze is dominated by the terpene which gives it a distinctive earthy flavor. The unique and careful preparation could be attributed to the hint of orange flavor in the hemp.

The unique characteristics of genetics give it the signature perfect strong taste. It is rightly said that to know the road ahead as those coming back. And people who have tried this flavor vouch for the taste of amazing hemp from Oregon.

Reported Effects of Suver Haze

It is important to know that the effects of any CBD product vary from person to person. It is not necessary that you experience the same effects as mentioned. However, you can expect the relaxing effects of the Suver Haze CBD every time. We recommend you to smoke it during the day or evening time only so that you can enjoy the relaxing effects of the strain fully. The lifting effects could be experienced for hours before they subside.

The Suver Haze strain doesn’t claim to cure or treat any disease. It is meant for recreational use only. We recommend you consult a certified health care professional before consuming the strain for the potential effects. The details provided above are for information purposes only and one must practice caution before using any of the CBD products.

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