Healthpally hints on Making Bedroom Hygienic to improve Sleep


Anyone who does not wake up refreshed in the morning and has hardly found sleep in the evening is not having a good sleep. Sooner or later, poor sleep can lead to emotional and physical complaints that can only be alleviated with new and better sleep Hygienic. The environment alone determines how relaxing nights are, says healthpally. The following points can help if you want to be comfortable in bed again in the future.

Keeping the Bedroom Clean

Why people usually sleep better in a hotel bed than at home is easy to explain. The bed linen is freshly washed for every guest and getting into such a clean and airy bed prepares you for restful nights. The feeling of well-being in a hygienic sleeping environment does not have to be limited to vacation days alone. Even within your own four walls, a lot can be done to ensure that a healthy feeling is created.

Wash Bed Linen Regularly

The most important aspect in terms of cleanliness is the bed linen. Both sheets and covers should be changed regularly and washed thoroughly. If you don’t do this, sooner or later you will notice a musty smell and you will not be able to feel comfortable in your own bed. The beddings should therefore be changed every week, healthpally advised. Washing bed linen is not a complicated undertaking. Here, too, there are small care instructions within the covers that provide information on suitable washing temperatures. Anyone who also airs pillows and blankets daily and washes them once a quarter in the machine (please observe the care instructions!) Will already enjoy a much more comfortable sleeping environment.

Tips for Cleaning Mattresses

But sleep is not only influenced by the bed linen, but also by the mattress. Washing them is hardly possible. Superficial cleaning and regular turning should be part of the household routine. If you want to enjoy a clean mattress in the long term, it is best to use a slipcover. These are available both in waterproof form and in the form of classic covers with a softer texture.

Placed under the fitted sheet, they protect the mattress from soiling and can be quickly cleaned in the washing machine when the bed linen is changed and washed. If your own mattress also has a removable cover, this should also be washed about once a quarter. With most mattresses, the cover can be easily removed with a zip.

A washing machine with a larger drum volume is the best solution here. In our last publication on healthpally, we created a list that describes the functions of large washing machines with a volume of nine to ten kilograms in more detail. In such a machine, the entire cover can be washed at once and is then dry again by the evening.

Regular Ventilation is Important

A clean bed makes the perfect basis for restful and healthy (Hygienic) sleep in all its phases. But the bedroom is also a decisive influencing factor because its climate determines how comfortable the body feels during the night. We have put together tips for a comfortable bed for you in this post. Regular and thorough ventilation should therefore always be part of the daily routine. It is best to ventilate the bedroom twice a day. This is particularly effective when opposing windows are opened wide to create a draft. A complete exchange of air takes place in the bedroom within five minutes and there is enough fresh oxygen available. As for the temperature in the bedroom, it shouldn’t be too high or too low. The body mustn’t freeze or sweat at night.

According to the Federal Environment Agency, a temperature of around 17 degrees Celsius is considered optimal.  If you are not sure whether this temperature is maintained in your own bedroom, you should measure it with a room thermometer. It pays to get intelligent heating thermostats that measure the room temperature and adjust the heating output accordingly. The use of heating energy usually decreases when using such thermostats.

How to Minimize Dust

Clean air is a must in the sleeping environment. But dust can quickly cause pollution, which makes life difficult for allergy sufferers in particular. Therefore, the bedroom should not be filled with too much furniture and decorative items. A minimalist living style is best to avoid dust catchers from the start. The cleaning effort is also reduced if there is no constant dusting and wiping. Putting plants up in the bedroom, however, can work well.

Here, however, it is crucial to choose a plant (Hygienic) without a strong odor or allergens. Plants with leaves that are too small are also only partially suitable for the bedroom, as a lot of dust can be trapped in them. Large-leaved varieties can easily be dusted off or poured over with water and the dust concentration in the air is not too high. Then the sleeping environment benefits from the beneficial aspects that NASA underlined in its “Clean Air Study”.


In a musty room with unwashed sheets, you can’t find the relaxation your body needs for optimal regeneration. We can sleep best in a clean, well-ventilated room. For this purpose, the bed linen should be changed regularly, the mattress cover should be cleaned and the room should be freed of dust traps if possible. If you then use the ideal mattress and pillow that is adapted to you, nothing stands in the way of healthy sleep.

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