Is Immunity More than Having Enough White Blood Cells?

White Blood Cells

You may never have found immunity such a big subject to talk about, but it has become a hot topic after the pandemic outbreak. All of a sudden, people have realized the importance of having strong immunity. When it is about the seasonal flu, you do not worry because you can treat yourself with medication. Since the pandemic is novel and no drug is available in the stores, you are completely dependent on your immunity. The stronger your immunity is, the better it is. This raises the question of what immunity is, and having sufficient white blood cells counts ensures strong immunity.

When experts talk about your immune system, it is not just white blood cell counts. It adds antibodies, lymphatic system, complement system, bone marrow, thymus, and spleen. White blood cells are dominant players in your immune system.

They are produced in the bone marrow and also stay in the lymphatic systems. They move through your blood as a guard to detect foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses. As they spot them, they immediately attack them.

When it comes to fending off viruses and bacteria, antibodies play a paramount role. Your body needs antibodies to fight microbes and the toxins they produce. Antibodies destroy bacterial cells by punching their walls.

Lymphocytes produce antibodies to ward off bacteria, viruses, and other harmful foreign invaders. Just because you have adequate white blood cells, it does not mean your immunity is strong.

It also depends on the capacity of cells and antibodies to fight against infection, and your diet plays a crucial role to improve your immunity.

Of course, when your health impairs, you need medical treatment, and many people who are on benefits may need a loan to fund medical expenses.

How to strengthen your immune system

The first thing that is in your hand to boost your immunity is to choose a healthy lifestyle. Following a healthy lifestyle is an easy way to improve the strength of your immune system. Try to include a lot of fruit and vegetables in your diet.

  • Emphasise green veggies and citrus fruit, especially if you are prone to diabetes. Green veggies especially contribute a big role in immunity. They have a lot of antioxidants that strengthen your overall body functionality.
  • Exercise regularly. You do not need to go to the gym every day. Instead, you should use a natural way of keeping your body fit. Do brisk walk and jogging to improve your lungs health. It can also prevent the risk of diabetes.
  • Do not smoke and drink alcohol. It is better not to consume such things at all.
  • Get enough sleep and minimise stress.
  • Take care of your personal hygiene.

Does a healthy diet certainly boost immunity?

Various products claim to support or increase immunity, but practically if you take the opinion of scientists and experts, you will find that it makes little sense. In fact, it is quite complicated to boost immune cells in your body because there are various types of cells, and each cell has its own role and they all function together to produce effective results.

Different immune cells respond to different antigens, and therefore, science still does not have the answer to which cells you should boost and what number. Research knows that your body is continuously producing immune cells, and the most common are lymphocytes.

Extra cells die themselves – some before spotting any foreign invader and some after winning the battle. Nobody knows which type of cells and mix of cells are particularly contributing to making immunity strong.

It is still believed that a nutritious diet can strengthen your immune system because people living below the poverty line are deemed malnourished and are more vulnerable to infections. However, researchers do not know which dietary factor can perform the best role in boosting your immunity.

How age affects your immunity

As your age, your immunity becomes reduced. As a result, you become more vulnerable to infections and serious illnesses. Research says that the elderly are more likely to catch infectious diseases, including respiratory problems.

However, it does not mean that young people are stronger and are less likely to catch illnesses. For instance, there has been a surge in cases of osteoporosis in young adults, gastro problems, and diseases due to weight gain.

No one knows why this happens. Some people over 65 sound healthier than those 45. It is believed that reduction in T cells is majorly responsible for the poor fight with infections.

Immunity is not just your white blood cells. There are various types of immune cells, and each function differently with different antigens.

Though nobody knows what can boost your immunity, a healthy diet still plays an important role in maintaining your overall health. You should never compromise with your diet and exercise if you want to maintain health.  

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