Top 10 ways how trekking benefits your body and mind

trekking benefits

If you have been trekking for some time and you realized you feel healthier and happier than before then you’ve got it right. The trekking benefits are myriad. Trekking is a recreational outdoor activity where one explores nature walking for hours, days even weeks. Trekking and hiking are the complete packages with traveling, adventure activity, physical exercise, teamwork, social exchange. When the trekking destination is a sacred pilgrimage it adds more value.

If you are looking for motivation to go for your first mountain-escapade then it’s the right place for you. Here, I am going to introduce you to the 10 health Advantage of Trekking or hiking.

What are the benefits of trekking?

Better Cardio-vascular health

The trekking itself is a cardiovascular workout. It helps to reduce the risk of various heart diseases. It is as beneficial for your heart as taking a brisk walk or running. Moreover, trekking in rough terrain amidst nature is more enjoyable than walking or running on a treadmill or on asphalt-roads. It has a better impact on lowering your cholesterol level and high blood pressure. Your heart pumps out more blood to make up for reduced oxygen in the air when you trek to a higher altitude. This improves the condition of the cardiac muscle and blood circulation system.

Loose body fat and extra weight

Trekking is not just walking with a pole on hilly terrain; you have to carry a heavy backpack. Trekking includes both ascending and descending rocky structures while balancing your body. In the due process, your whole body gets a heavy workout, and that too for several hours each day for multiple days, even weeks. So, no doubt those extra pounds you got eating junk foods and sitting hours after hours in air conditioned  rooms of your office will shed away easily.

Healthy bones and muscles

In an outdoor activity like trekking, you spend more time under the sun. Sunlight produces vitamin D in our body that in turn increases bone density, cuts down the risk of osteoporosis, and improves overall bone health.

Trekking benefits your body’s muscular structure too. The continuous movement of the lower limbs of a trekker especially on a rocky trail and uphill-downhill path makes the leg muscle very robust. Walking with a heavy backpack on your shoulder works to tone up your neck, arms, and shoulder muscles too.

No more back pain

Around 540 million people in the world suffer from persistent and chronic back pain. Back pain arises from bad posture and the habit of sitting at a place for a prolonged period of time. While trekking you walk and be in a standing position for most of the time. Your spinal cord remains in a straight position which helps you to relieve back pain that your sedentary lifestyle has gifted you.

Lowers the chance of cancer

The benefits of trekking are incomplete without citing the influence trekking and hiking have on the antioxidant level of our body. Studies have shown that hiking and trekking increase the antioxidant level in our body. The more antioxidants circulating in our body the less is the chance of suffering from cancer. Some researches have shown that trekking activities may bring down the possibility of occurring deadliest cancers like breast, endometrial, colon, and lung cancers.

Excellent for mind health

Nature is a mother. It has healing properties for both body and mind that no medicine has. Spending time under the open sky, among trees in forests, witnessing glorious sunrise and sunset, show-white mountains, rare-to-see animals, listening to bird’s music is unbeatable to make your mind relaxed and refreshed. One of the best hiking advantages is it is a great stress buster. You may come across some larger-than-life moments and scenery while on a trek that can make you think you have lived a life worth living. So trekking is not only body-friendly its mind friendly too.

Be fitter and live a long life

All the health benefits of trekking discussed till now work for your overall physical and mental health. Generally hiking and trekking trails are located far away from densely packed cities and towns. So, trekking offers you a golden opportunity to breathe in fresh air full of pure oxygen. Meanwhile, your full body is working out, you are surrounded by nature, wildlife, sometimes by the innocent, and welcoming mountain people. All these lead to an active body and a positive mind. Trekking benefits your body by cleansing out the toxins as you drink more water during the activity and it detoxifies and hydrates you. Thus, you trek long you live long.

Improve your soft skill

The advantages of trekking not only prevail within the boundary of physical and mental benefits, but it also can enhance your management skills. When you go for a trekking trip you manage your schedule, set your goals, and above all, you try to adapt to the change in environment and place. These management skills are valuable in our day-to-day life and also in every working field. So, trekking helps you to learn and grow as a person.

You will make new friends

This is another one among all of the trekking and hiking advantages. When you trek, you trek with a group. You spend time with new people with whom you are introduced to after stepping on the trail. You trek with them, overcome difficulties in the way together, live together for some days or weeks in the same tent, cheer up each other. Thus you create good memories as well as experiences with them. You learn to adjust and accept different people of different kinds. Thus you make new friends and at the same time, you grow your interpersonal skill that is highly valued in the corporate world. So it’s a win-win situation.

Meet new land and culture

Trekking trails are often far away from cities, mostly located in remote areas at high altitudes. Either native mountain people live in those places with small settlements or it remains covered with forests or infertile snow-covered land. The basic benefits of trekking are that you get to know these lesser-known indigenous people and their culture closely. It enriches your experience more.

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