Top 7 Health and Workout Apps to Download On Smartphone

Health and Workout Apps

For the current generation, health is of prime importance and most people today are conscious about their health. If you maintain good health, you can do more things, feel good about yourself and reduce your hospital bills. Since we are talking about health, you must improve your health by taking a proper diet and workout and getting good health insurance from the best health insurance companies. This will ensure you can take the best medical facilities without thinking too much about the bills. Know more about Top 7 Health and Workout Apps to Download On Smartphone.

Tracking your health and maintaining good health has now become very easy. Also, the current ongoing pandemic which made people stay at home has made most people look for ways to workout from their home. The pandemic has made most people turn to health and workout apps in order to stay fit despite the lockdown. 

There are thousands of apps available that you can download on your smartphone. You can use these apps for better eating habits, for workout tips and much more. Thus, irrespective of being under lockdown or irrespective of having restrictions on going out, people can easily monitor their health in order to stay fit. 

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best health and workout apps you can try out:

Home Workout

Most people assume workout means working with heavy equipment and lifting weights, which is a completely wrong assumption. You can workout without any equipment also. Home Workout app has a collection of workouts that you can do at the comfort of your home without any equipment. The only thing you need to get started for your daily workout session is a click of a button to download this app. You will get all sorts of exercise in this app like warm-ups, weight training, stretching, cool-down and much more.

You will also have access to videos and charts to track your progress. The other cool feature of this app is water drink reminder and period tracker.

My Fitness Pal

 A very popular app that has everything you can think of when it comes to health. The app will track and update you with exercise stats, record your calorie intake, can set up personal health-related goals and this app will take care of it. The app can be integrated with more than 50 apps and devices so you can sync all your workouts in a single app.

To start with, you can have a look at 350 cardio and strength sessions that are available on the app. If you are planning to figure out what food is good for you and what is not, this app has an astonishing food database that consists of more than 6 million food items. It has a restaurant logger that ensures no calorie that you take goes uncounted. The app is so good and feature-rich that thousands of people are using the premium package.

Zones for Training

A very good app to track everything related to your health. You can integrate this app with your Apple watch and monitor a lot of things. At the time of workout, it ensures you are in the zone, the heart rate zone. It monitors the phases in which you are resting and also your active heart rate, and based on that provides you with parameters that help you know when you are burning fat and when you have reached the peak of your activity. This will help you to stay in the fat-burning phase and if required, push yourself.

This app is best suited for people who are experienced in workouts and are working to achieve their goals by looking at details.

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

Most of you are not regular in your workout because of the lack of time. Well, if this is your reason, it is no longer a valid one. You can use the 7 Minute Workout app, this app will make sure you stay healthy by just investing five to seven minutes. This is also a good app for those who are new to workouts.

It is a totally free app that offers a classic seven-minute workout session that you can do anywhere. Once your body gets accustomed to a seven-minute workout, there are longer sessions as well – some of them are more intense while some are less intense. You can choose as per your need.


When we talk of health, it is not always about physical health. Mental health is also very important. You should definitely spend some time taking care of your mental health. Headspace is a meditation app that will help you with your mental health.

The app offers guided meditations, emergency SOS sessions if you feel the need for immediate calming sessions and various other programs based on your needs. The app also sends out reminders to chill out and breathe a bit more which is a great feature. Even if you have a super busy schedule, all you need is a minute to take care of your breathing. You will understand the importance of proper breathing once you start practicing. The free version has limited features; you can always upgrade to a paid version and enjoy all features.


Another app you can use for mental health and fitness. This is a great app for people who are just starting with yoga. The app offers a number of curated classes which you can take – these classes will improve your sleep, help reduce your stress and provide strength training. 

There are a number of yoga instructors who take regular sessions. You can follow your favorite instructors and the app will ensure you don’t miss any class from them through notification of their session. Even if you miss some session, you can download the session and view it anywhere – the videos can be viewed even if you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection.


This is a complete app that combines both exercise and diet. You don’t need to keep hardcore details of every single meal to use the app. It offers you basic guidelines to follow based on your weight, height, gender, and goals, so all the recommendations are personalized.

If you are on a specialized diet, it lets you micro-track it. In the free version, you get food and exercise tracking. For all other features, you have to go with a paid subscription.

A lot of people wonder why to use a fitness app, as per studies, continuous monitoring and growth is very motivating and encourages people to keep working towards their personal health and fitness goals. 

The demand for health and workout apps is on rise and the apps have more or less replaced human personal trainers. These apps are a good mode to get back to your fitness regime or to even push you harder. Download any of these apps today and start working towards your fitness regime!

Author Bio:- Diane Carter

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