Which Treatment Is Best For Infertility?


The best infertility treatment in India at hospitals like Max Healthcare is paving the way towards healthy conception and easy access to parenthood. Let’s take a look at the problem and its medical treatment in depth.

Infertility In Medical Terms

As per public data, most couples conceive during the early month of planning a pregnancy. While few unlucky ones experience delayed conception or no conception at all. Keeping this in mind, infertility medically is a condition where a couple fails to conceive during a time slot of about 12 months.

Tests To Confirm Infertility

Before moving ahead with the best infertility treatment in India along with other esteemed benches of doctors advice a fertility evaluation with:

●    Physical Examination

This is the preliminary evaluation to know about your medical history as well as reproductive health. Your gynaecologist would probably ask you some prior questions regarding medical history.

●    Transvaginal Ultrasound

After a thorough physical examination, an ultrasound is an appropriate step ahead. Your doctors may advise going through transvaginal imaging to know whether there are complications in your uterine walls. They also detect blocking, polyps, tumours and several available eggs.

●    Laboratory Examination

Several blood tests are done to determine all sorts of infections, and blood anomalies hampering your reproductive health. Both you and your partner have to undergo blood tests and cultures to know exactly the reason behind the problem.

●    Semen Analysis

The mobility, as well as the sperm count, also has a huge say in deteriorating your chances of conception. This, semen analysis may prove to be extremely helpful for knowing the exact problem keeping you away from parenthood.

●    Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)

This test determines the functioning of fallopian tubes. By undergoing this diagnosis you’d know whether your tubes are in healthy condition and thus producing healthy and fertile eggs or not. Some of the best infertility treatments in India suggest HSG to their patients.

Know Your Treatment Options

Once the diagnosis confirms your problem, here is a list of all the probable treatment options for you:

●    Medication

Problems like reduced egg production, low sperm count and motility can be checked by taking medicines and some hormone therapies. Therefore, consult your doctors and find suitable medication for you. There are injections and drugs probing ovulation, and increased sperm etc. giving the suffering couple a ray of hope.

●    Insemination

Some patients face dangerous risks with natural methods of pregnancy. For such risky cases, insemination, where the egg will be fertilised artificially, becomes an option.

●    Laparoscopic Surgery

Surgeries are used as the best treatment for those who suffer from ovarian deformities, lack of proper veinal arrangement, tumours or cancers. Invasive surgery is done to curve the unwanted growths like tumours or polyps or to remove blockages from veins too.


Infertility and sexual maladies are considered taboo. Hence, knowing your problem first and then taking proper medicare would be the just treatment for any of the couple facing difficulties while conceiving. You too can plan a family by getting yourself the best infertility treatment in India at Max Healthcare to enjoy the pros of parenthood.

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