What is PCT and Why Is It Important?


We all know when you are on a steroid cycle, your hormone levels are increasing synthetically, which helps in growing your size of muscles and strength. Once you finish your cycle, your body is not able to produce hormones naturally since you were in cruise control. It can be detrimental to your health. Now, if you don’t want this to happen, you must use post cycle therapy (PCT) steroids.

PCT is a process that every steroid user has to go through after finishing up a cycle. The main purpose of going through PCT is to bring your body back to the normal phase so it can produce hormones on its own.

Moreover, PCT can last for a month or more. If PCT is done right, it can make or break the cycle.

What Happens After the Steroid Cycle?

So, when you finish the cycle, the levels of Follicle Stimulating Hormone, Testosterone, and Luteinizing Hormone will go down. It is also known as a hormonal crash.

During that time, your Estrogen, sex hormone, and cortisol levels will increase. If you don’t manage this, it will result in loss of gained muscles and strength.

Hence, it is crucial to get back the normal production of hormones as quickly as possible. Failure to do so will not only result in the loss of muscles, but you will not have the energy to perform daily chores.

Most importantly, if you don’t go for PCT, you might be experiencing steroid-induced Hypogonadism. In this state, your body will not produce testosterone naturally.

What To Expect From PCT?

 Many people move away from PCT. That is because they have unrealistic expectations. To simply put it, PCT gives time to your body for healing and rejuvenation. Though it is not easy, it is completely worth it.

During this therapy, you might have mood swings like aggression, agitation, etc. There is a chance you will lose a little gain.

Well, no need to worry. You will not lose all of the muscles. When you eat properly you will be able to maintain your muscles.

This doesn’t mean you must start to overeat. It will only increase body fat. So, you should have a moderate diet.

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PCT Plan

A PCT plan should be a part of your steroid cycle. For instance, you are on an 8-week cycle and you take steroids regularly for five weeks. For the next three weeks, you take no steroids. This is where PCT comes in handy. You will follow the PCT plan for three weeks. It can take longer depending on the effects.

An important tip to follow is that you must start the PCT plan at least 3 to 4 days after your last steroid intake.

An Important Tip

Your PCT plan wouldn’t produce fruitful results if you are selecting steroids wisely. There are different types of steroids with each having its own set of features. Apart from varying in terms of their composition, they also offer different functions. Thus, you need to select the right type of steroids that offer the function you need them to perform. Also, the quality of steroids matters a lot. Using subpar quality will do nothing but result in side effects. These effects, in some cases, can prove to be life-threatening as well. So, make sure to buy premium quality steroids online. You can rely on TeamRoids in this regard. Known as the best place to buy steroids online, TeamRoids offers real steroids, fat burners, weight loss supplements, and sexual health products.

The best part of placing an order at TeamRoids is that you will get your ordered supply of products without burning a hole in your pockets. They offer numerous discounts and deals. Furthermore, cryptocurrency holders can avail further discounts as well.

All in all, PCT is an essential part of the steroid cycle that is often ignored. It is a common mistake made by hundreds of people. Your body is no longer capable of producing hormones. PCT will help get back the hormonal production on track. Always consult a professional trainer or doctor before taking steroids.

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