What are the Different Types of Coffee Beans?

Coffee Beans

Good coffee is the savior of exhausting moments, the drink that, with its fragrance and taste, draws us! For 1200-1300 years, coffee has been in our lives, but it seems like it’s one of the oldest beverages in human history. So much so that in about 70 nations, coffee is produced. Interest in coffee has also increased in our country in recent Yet, how many of us know what we’re drinking? How many types of coffee beans exist, and what characteristics do they have? Let us give you an incisive look at the subject matter…

There are four distinct sorts of espresso, i.e., Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa. Arabica and Robusta are the most widely recognized (and well known), yet you could luck out and run into the other two. Keep reading to learn more about these tasty beans.

There are four kinds of Coffee Beans:

Arabica Coffee Beans (Coffea arabica)

Arabica beans are the most common type of coffee beans by far, accounting for about 60 percent of the coffee worldwide. These delicious beans began in Ethiopia’s high countries a few centuries ago and may even be the leading coffee beans ever eaten! The name Arabica is likely because of the recognition of beans in Arabia within the 7th century (present-day Yemen).

Arabica beans produce less due to their high prices. All coffee beans grow in 50 countries across the globe. These beans require more shade, water, and high elevation to develop appropriately. These florae are more evidence of plant diseases and want to be able to grow correctly.

What do they taste like?

Many brands( of gourmet coffee advertise that they use 100% Arabica beans. About why? The best quality assortment is known to be Arabica espresso beans. They are known for their unpretentious, smooth taste and their particular absence of sharpness. Arabica beans can convey a few particular taste notes, from hearty Indonesian to botanical Ethiopian, contingent upon where they’re developed. If your tastebuds want to amaze you, pick them up from Coffee Beans Shop.

Robusta Coffee Beans (Coffea caniphora)

The Robusta is the second most regular type of espresso bean. This bean has its underlying foundations in sub-Saharan Africa and is currently generally filled in Africa and Indonesia. In Vietnam, It is additionally boundless and is regularly mixed into espresso mixes. It’s a less-expensive assortment, which settles on a very Pocket-accommodating decision for roasters to include their Coffee Beans Shop. Robusta beans are more significant than the other bean assortments and more adjusted. These plants usually grow much more extensively, estimating somewhere in the range of 15 and 20 feet, than Arabica plants. Robusta beans are viewed as more troublesome because they can develop and oppose sicknesses at lower heights. But recent research shows that, as previously thought, they often do not manage heat.

What do they taste like?

Numerous individuals consider that espresso from Robusta is more honed and more bitter. It likewise smells solid and has a level, nearly consumed flavor. They additionally have somewhat more caffeine in Robusta beans than Arabica beans.

 Liberica Coffee Beans (Coffea liberica)

Coffea liberica is valued for its piquant floral aroma and bold, smoky flavour profile and is native to central and western Africa, specifically Liberia, hence its name. To add body and complexity, this hardy species is often mixed with other varieties, but rarely receives any credit. Liberica gained a foothold with Southeast Asian coffee farmers after a fungal disease (‘coffee rust’) wiped out most of the Arabica crops in the region, unheard of in Western civilization before the late 1800s.

Most Liberica cherries, which grow from a much larger plant than Arabica or Robusta, tend to be irregular in form and similar in size and general appearance to Robusta. It is also tolerant of hot, humid climates, and at low altitudes it does well. The bean is now grown predominantly in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines and accounts for approximately 2% of the world’s coffee supply. Liberica beans constitute over 95 percent of the Malaysian coffee yield. It is not, however, widely found in markets in North America and Europe.

What do they taste like?

Liberica coffee has a divisive and polarising reputation for wild incoherence among lovers. Those who’ve tried this unique variety have either loved or hated it. The odd, nutty, woody taste and sly backbite on the finish is enjoyed by some coffee drinkers. Others equate burnt garbage to the flavour.

Excelsa Coffee Beans (Coffea excelsa or Coffea liberica var. dewevrei)

The fourth major coffee bean form is called Excelsa. Although it was once considered a distinct coffee genus, it was recently reclassified as a Liberica variant by scientists. In Southeast Asia, Excelsa beans grow almost entirely and are shaped somewhat like Liberica beans-elongated ovals. These beans grow at medium altitudes on large 20 to 30-foot coffee plants.

What do they taste like?

Excelsa beans are pretty impressive in terms of taste. With flavors that are more symbolic of dark roasts, they incorporate light roast characteristics such as tart notes and fruity flavors. They are also lighter in taste and caffeine while retaining an uncommon flavor depth. Since they add complexity, you will often find these rare beans in blends.


Go for Arabica if you’d like to spend money and taste the best fragrance. But if you want extra caffeine, then grab a bag of Robusta, or you also have a choice of mixing them both, i.e., Arabica and Robusta.

As delicious and flavorful they are, Liberica or Excelsa beans are also that difficult to find. Now, since you are familiar with the famous coffee beans and what they taste like, and where they are located. It’s on you to make wise choices and decide what is your favorite amongst these. We agree that every coffee has it’s own flavors, and it always depends on your taste buds to choose what suits your taste the most.

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