How to Preserve Muscle and Lose Fat?

Muscle and Lose Fat

Weight loss is one of THE main concerns of most of us these days. Most people spend their time at the gym or at home trying to lose weight. But it is more effective to focus on fat loss instead. When your body composition changes – more muscle, less fat – you lose weight automatically. You can simply lose weight by expending more energy than you consume – calorie deficit. Instead, improving your overall body composition is a much better way to stay fit. If you want to lose weight fast, you’re going to lose muscle as well and that’s okay if you want to get leaner. But a calorie deficit diet is not the solution if you want a toned and sculpted body. The first thing you need is to include more protein in your diet as it builds muscle and boosts metabolism in addition to keeping you full for longer.

5 Ways to Lose Fat without Losing Muscle

Weight Training Is Essential

If you think that you can tone your body by doing too many reps with low weights and heavy lifting makes you bulk up, you’re mistaken. Toning is just another way of muscle building. You can lift heavy as long as you stick to lower repetitions. And anyway you need to be on a calorie surplus to build muscle. So unless you do strength training you’ll gain fat as well instead of losing it. Plus, strength training helps you get stronger, which means you can lift heavier. However, weight training is needed to perform better in sports, improve mobility, hormonal health, and mental in addition to increasing bone density.

Don’t go all out

Dripping in sweat and out of breath does not really mean that you have burned more calories. There are other ways to burn calories than fast-paced cardio. An hour of weightlifting can help you burn more calories than aerobics or a spin class. Some workouts, you just need to do in moderation and you should train all of your body. Focus on form and technique rather than going all out. You don’t just raise your heart rate when you’re out of breath. In fact, studies suggest that walking all day long is as beneficial as high-intensity cardio.

More muscle means more calorie burn

When you have more muscle, your resting metabolic rate is also high. So, if you build more lean muscle, your body will burn more calories in a resting state. Building muscle is also one of the best ways to boost your metabolism and allows you to indulge or overeat sometimes.

Work out for fitness, not for looks

Studies show that if you’re just exercising for a good-looking body, you’re likely to quit before you reach your predetermined goals. Muscle building and losing fat takes time, especially if you want to do it in a healthy way. Focus on getting fitter and healthier instead of looking good in a dress or a suit.

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Make working out enjoyable

Doing things that you enjoy keeps you motivated and consistent, which is very important. If you like playing sports like badminton or basketball, do it. Attend dance classes at gyms near you with FITPASS whenever you feel like it. When you participate in activities that interest you, you look forward to them instead of resenting them.

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